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Galactic Patrol Arcade is here!

 Galactic Patrol Arcade has just been released to the Google Play Store. Go to the Arcade Section for information on the game basics, levels, pickups and more! The game is free to download, and after you play the first two game types, the other two can be purchased for $0.99.

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For any gamers who have a WindowsPhone 7 device, Galactic Patrol Pirates is now available in the Windows Phone Store. There you can try our tiral version for free, or purchase a full copy of the game for $1.49.

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Also, stay tuned as we work on our Android version! We will keep updating the website as to our timeline to let players know when to expect to see it in Google Play!


Vote for Us on Steam Greenlight!

If you like Galactic Patrol Pirates, and would like to see it available for PC, help us get some votes on Steam Greenlight!

Galactic Patrol Pirates Free Trial Now Available!

A trial version of our game is now free and available for download on our website. You can download your copy of the game now by going here. The trial can be played for an unlimited amount of time, and is always free! The trial provides you with two of the available five pirate ships to play with, and 3 of the 6 mission types. The trial also comes with a full tutorial to walk you through playing a mission!


We will provide updates and support for the trial just as we will support the full game version. Please note that you may have recieve a warning from your browser due to the lack of volume fo downloadable content from Black Dragon Studios (since we're new). Please don't worry. As the game is downloaded more, the warning will disappear. Please feel free to contact us via the forum if you have any trouble with the download or installation.



With the advent of Faster than Light (FTL) drives there was a fast and furious colonization of star systems. After a millennium of expansion, Earth found itself at odds with some of the colonies. Much of the colonies discontent was caused by poor services and low supply of resources. Isolation from Earth and its closer colonized planets as well as the outer rim planets only served to further aggravate the situation. Earth and the inner colonies relied heavily on the outer colonies for raw materials to maintain growth and manufacturing. The outer colonies relied on Earth to supplement Food reserves. Most cargo ships transporting raw materials from the outer colonies to earth were incapable of backhauling foodstuffs, thus unbalancing the ratio of food out to materials in.

The high demands to supply Earth with raw materials, coupled with the high losses of miner’s lives and inadequate protection from unfriendly incursions, caused civil unrest to grow. Eventually, the outer rim planets formed the Outer Core Coalition (OCC) who no longer wanted to be governed by Earth's Colony Alliance (ECA). In time, the OCC refused to meet the harsh quota’s on raw materials that the ECA demanded. Lobbyist’s for businesses so affected by the shipment shortfalls convinced the Colony Cabinet to place sanctions on the OCC, further reducing the food shipments to them. In short order, the OCC found themselves at war with Earth for their independence and their survival. At first, not a lot of aggression seemed to surface; fleets held their ground, both sides taking a purely defensive stance. Time has a way of corrupting most anything, and as supply inventories dwindled, the cries for food and materials overwhelmed the military leaders of both sides.

In times of civil unrest, there are those who find ways to exploit the situation. Pirate activity became prevalent throughout the star systems; however, it was at best, a very hap-hazard and independent venture. While the idea of organized pirating may have seemed an impossible feat, one pirate inadvertently found a way to bond the pirates together.

Read more: Becoming a Galactic Patrol Pirate

Pardon our Dust! We are currently in the process of developing the Black Dragon Website, and completing our first game project, Galactic Patrol Pirates. BDS will provide status updates regarding the progress of the game and the website in the BDS news section, below. For additional questions about us, or if you would like to post comments, please check out our forum!


Welcome to Black Dragon Studios! Here you'll find information about who we are, and our upcoming project. Started in 2010, Black Dragon is the dream of a group of people who love science fiction and playing games. An idea was born, and Black Dragon was created to share that dream with the masses. We hope to see our dream become reality in early 2012!



BDS has created an entire on-line user guide here that will take you step by step through the game. In addition, we've added some hints and tips that players can utilize if they get stuck. Warning! These hints and tip sections can be spoilers.

We've also built a tutorial into the game which can be turned on and off at a players discretion. We urge all first time players to take the time to go through the tutorial, as your overall game experience as a Galactic Patrol Pirate will be much improved.

To learn what the game is about and how to play it, go to our gameplay section.

You can always visit the forum and we'll answer any question you may have.


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